Ghotache Sasav | Mango Curry | Goan Style

goan style ghotache sasav mango curry aambyache sasav aam ka raita seasonal goan fruit and recipe
Goan Ghotache Sasav | Mango Curry

Goan Style Ghotache Sasav | Aambyache Sasav | Ripe Mango Sasav | Mango Curry | Aam ka Raita recipe with detail instructions and a video. Ghotache Sasav is a Goan seasonal delicacy made from small ripe baby mangoes. These baby mangoes are called ‘ghota’ in Konkani. The term ‘sasav’ comes from the word ‘sasva’ which is the Konkani name for mustard seeds. Mustard seeds is the main flavouring ingredient of this dish. Hence the name ‘Ghotache Sasav’. This dish is sometimes also referred to as ‘Goan Mango curry’ or ‘Aamyache Sasav’.

‘Ghotache Sasav’ is a summer novelty in all Goan homes. These ripe baby mangoes are available in the local Goan markets during the months of March to May. They can be eaten raw like a mango or made into the traditional sasav. In Goa itself, people follow different recipes to make sasav. Some people heat the ghota along with jaggery, coconut and mustard seeds paste. Some people also add ‘sukhi sungta’ or sun-dried prawns to the sasav to enhance its taste. The recipe I have shared is how it is prepared in my family.

My recipe is a no cook recipe which means that it is a raw preparation and no heating is involved while making this recipe. This is a total vegetarian no onion no garlic recipe. Ghota possess a distinct sweet sour taste of its own. My version of sasav is a spicy sweet curry made from these sweet sour mangoes. Sasav tastes best when these baby mangoes are mostly sweet with a slight sour taste. If the baby mangoes are very sour, then you need to add more jaggery to balance the taste. I do not add any dried prawns, as its my preference to enjoy the blissful taste of these baby mangoes as is without adding any other over-powering ingredient.

Ghotache sasav is a very quick and easy recipe. It gets done in less than 20 minutes. This recipe needs to be consumed on the same day it is prepared. It can also be refrigerated and consumed the next day. We serve this recipe as a side dish with rice/curry. The sasav recipe with dried prawns is served as a curry with white rice.

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goan style ghotache sasav mango curry aambyache sasav aam ka raita seasonal goan fruit and recipe
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 1 min
Total Time: 21 mins
Course : Side Dish
Cuisine : Goan, Indian, konkani
Servings: 6


  • 1 dozen Ghota (baby mangoes)
  • ½ cup Jaggery (grated)
  • 1 Tbsp Red chilli powder
  • 1 Tsp Mustard seeds
  • cup Coconut (fresh grated)
  • ¾ cup drinking water
  • Salt as per taste


  • Wash the mangoes well. Next, remove the skin of the mangoes. Place the mango seed and pulp in a large bowl. With the help of a spoon, scrape off any pulp remaining on the skin of the mango. Discard the skin.
  • In a mixer jar, add coconut, jaggery, salt, chilli powder and water and grind into a fine paste. For the above measurements, I used 3/4th cup water for grinding.
  • Heat a tadka pan. Add the mustard seeds and cover the pan. Let the mustard seeds splutter.
  • Add the mustard seeds to the paste in the mixer jar. Grind once again.
  • Add the above paste to the mangoes.
  • Squeeze each of the mango to extract some juice and pulp. With your hand, mix and blend the pulp and seeds well with added coconut paste to form a thick gravy.

Tips & Tricks

  • The amount of jaggery to be added depends on the sweetness of the mangoes. The mangoes I used were sweet and hence added less jaggery. Adjust the measurement of jaggery depending on the sweetness of mangoes and the level of sweetness preferred.
  • Since there is no cooking/heating involved in this recipe, use boiled water or drinking water for grinding.
  • Do not add too much water while grinding because the curry/gravy would be runny and lose its sweet tangy taste.
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